What To Do To Be One-Step Ahead Of The Changing Global Economy? The Circle.

The Digital transformation designed For Family Offices and (U)HNWIs
The Digital transformation designed For Family Offices and (U)HNWIs

The Digital transformation designed For Family Offices and (U)HNWIs

Efficiency, Traceability. Speed. Security. Reliability. Exclusivity.

Is it possible for Family Offices and UHWNI to store data securely for perpetuity? Therefore, enabling their experience, strategy and goals to be shared with future generations?

Now, more than ever before, UHNWI and Family Offices are preparing for the future disruption of all economies and markets, with blockchain based communication often becoming the preferred choice.

At the the prestigious 9th Global Family Office Summit in Monaco, which is the most prestigious global family office gathering in June 2019, the Lorente Family Office will introduce a revolutionary new system that delivers for the very first time the original ambition of blockchain, which is to allow the secure military-grade exchange of data and funds through various separate digital systems, all linked together by The Circle, and all without the need for intermediaries.

Marc Duthoit
Chief Executive Officer

The Circle, whose Chief Executive Officer is the IT Expert and serial Entrepreneur Marc Duthoit, sets the new standard for asset management for UHNWI and Family Offices worldwide with its INTERCONNECTABLE blockchain based Trust.

The Circle introduces a universal system of asset symbolization combining security, traceability, and disintermediation of transactions while ensuring transparency and ease of use for all users.

This exclusive By Invitation Only ‘Private Club’ offers the exchange of high-value goods and services and is the world’s first secure platform for tangible assets where UHNWI and Family Office members can buy, sell or exchange assets freely.  In addition, the platform offers the ability to securely manage all high-value assets on a day to day basis, from hiring staff to arranging for the servicing of a private jet etc.

The Circle enables blockchain encrypted transactions of both goods and services through a totally secure environment, including the dematerialization of physical goods with the use of The Circles ‘Smart Contracts’. This combined with the revolutionary type-2 Artificial Intelligent Personal Assistant with its deep learning capabilities, supports and assists all areas of tangible asset management.

As an additional layer of protection for Family Offices, The Circle includes an AI driven system to conduct due diligence and KYC processes for any new account creation. The Circle also aggregates this data with external intelligence databases to eliminate all potential risk.

The Circle therefore offers a service that all transactions only take place with “trusted” individuals, and fully complies with all Corporate and Federal regulations.

The AI Personal Assistant can also propose or complete future actions to successfully deliver the results or outcomes it has been set. Furthermore, each AI Personal Assistant can communicate directly to those others within The Circle, reducing considerably the human interaction required to manage high-value assets.  Family Offices can, for the first time, take advantage of the ‘internet of tomorrow’ today.

And finally, the AI system enables the experience, strategies, and goals of Family Offices and UHWNI to be passed on securely to their future generations.

The Circle is the only platform designed from the ground up to support high-value assets exclusively for Family Offices and UHWNI, from the purchase, day-to-day management and then finally the sale or exchange.  It offers all this, but in addition saves all users considerable costs when compared to the current traditional methods available.

For more information, please visit   www.thecircle-gdfo.com and/or email to info@thecircle-gdfo.com


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