Monaco Yacht Show 2019: Best In Class

Monaco Yacht Show 2019: Best In Class

Monaco Yacht Show 2019

By Rebecca Whitlocke

Now in its 29th year, if you want to see what 3.5 billion dollars of superyachts looks like on display then head to Monaco Yacht Show.  From 25th to 28th September 2019, Port Hercules will welcome around 580 exhibitors, 125 superyachts and 55 luxury tenders and water toys representing key companies in the yachting sector.

Due to its size, there is little room for physical growth in Monaco, so the show organisers are focusing on optimising the visitor experience. This year, there’s a few updates such as revamped opening times from 11am to 7.30pm, a larger Tenders & Toys exhibition zone and an enlarged Upper Deck Lounge over 2 floors.

Along the quays, veritable highlights come from different parts of the world.  Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman will unveil their Project Lotus concept featuring an 88m twin-mast Dyna-Rig Project Lotus and 70m Support Vessel, designed in partnership with ThirtyC Design and Dykstra Naval Architects.   Italian-built Dragon is the flagship for Columbus Yachts, a Palumbo Superyachts brand. Dragon will make her global debut in Monaco, boasting a profile as the largest yacht ever for the Italian brand and the first in its 80m Classic series.  Tankoa Yachts 50m Bintador is likely to create a media flurry at Port Hercules, and 48m Bilgin 156-11 named after the while flower Lilium will showcase the best of Turkish craftsmanship.

Project Lotus in development for Monaco Yacht Show 2019

Project Lotus in development for Monaco Yacht Show 2019

For ocean lovers and visitors alike, Monaco Yacht Show is aiming to upend the myth that chartering a yacht is elitist.  Accordingly, first-time charter clients can turn to experts to advise on primary concerns they may have.  Alexander Coles, Senior Charter Broker at Bespoke Yacht Charter offers insight for international charter clients, so initial cost and the likelihood that additional expenses will spiral out of control is avoided.

“If multiple families share the cost of a charter, the cost per cabin to charter a 30-35m yacht is actually comparable to high-end hotels and food/drink costs will actually be considerably lower as everything is sourced at cost price,” Alexander explains. “I work with all my clients to cost their charter in great detail and ensure there are no unwelcome surprises at the end.  As long as guests choose an itinerary that doesn’t involve enormous cruising distances and don’t choose very expensive wines, then the standard APA of 30% is usually sufficient and guests often have money returned at the end of the charter.”

Monaco’s importance to the maritime economy means it’s a focal point for UHNWI who seek guidance about chartering a yacht, regardless of vessel size.  Alexander shares 5 considerations he’d recommend to his charter clients to ensure a smoother charter experience: 

  • Consider an overall budget including APA and VAT and stick to it. 
  • Be open to the idea of recently refitted older yachts that offer much greater value than the newest yachts. 
  • Don’t try to do too much – clients often come to Bespoke Yacht Charter with itineraries that would involve huge amounts of time cruising. Less is definitely more on a charter and Alexander would never recommend that guests spend more than 3-4 hours underway each day, perhaps with a few night passages as well.
  • Book early! Popular dates for the best yachts book up well in advance. If you want to charter in July/August, consider booking in October/November of the preceding year in order to have the best choice of yachts and available dates.
  • Complete preference sheets properly. The more information your crew have, the better the experience will be for all. Detail is key on a yacht charter. Let them know your favourite dishes, wines, music. If you want a berth in Saint Tropez on 14 July, Bespoke Yacht Charter will get it for you, but they need a lot more than a week’s notice!

Increasingly over the years, boat show season reignites continuing discussion about making yacht charter more accessible. What are Bespoke Yacht Charters thoughts around using digital technology to aid the yacht charter process?  “As a professional charter broker with 18 years’ experience, I am in favour of any developments that make the wonderful world of yacht charter more accessible,” Alexander enthuses. 

“Whilst I very much believe that no amount of technology or digital platform will ever replace the relationship between a good broker and their client, I do think we could do a lot more to use digital technology to better showcase yachts to clients and to streamline the gathering of guest preferences and charter planning. Nothing can replace a broker’s individual knowledge of the yachts and their ability to match clients to the right yacht and crew.”

Celebrating Success In Monaco

Douglas McFarlane, Founder & CEO of Lomond Yachts

Monaco Yacht Show is renowned for displaying vessels that showcase design, technology and ingenuity in boatbuilding.  Undoubtedly, having the finest superyachts moored at Port Hercules or at anchor contributes to positive outcomes for everyone who attends.

Douglas McFarlane, Founder and CEO of Lomond Yachts agrees that Monaco Yacht Show is the beating heart of the superyacht industry and the main contributor to his company’s success. “Clients come from all over the world to see the best yachts this season. As a buyer’s broker, my focus is to ensure my clients see the yachts that suit their style, size and budget. The event goes fast, and you need to plan meticulously before you arrive and keep on your toes during the week. Sometimes clients fly in unexpectedly, and if you’re dealing with someone else at the same time you need to be able to have your team supporting you.”

Exciting announcements are magnified during the week, especially with more than 40 yachts in attendance being worldwide premieres each year.   Douglas continues, “For us, meeting new clients, other brokers we work with, product suppliers, lawyers, insurance agents, financiers, designers and the myriad of people who we’ve got to know over the years and count as friends, all contribute to the adventure. Often, we’ve communicated by email or Whatsapp during the year and now it’s time to have drinks, lunch or dinner in beautiful settings and talk about yacht business and life in general.” 

With a diverse and plentiful programme of events, a celebratory mood is evident at Port Hercules during the week whereby Monaco is also an occasion to enjoy social receptions and cocktail parties.  Glamorous soirées attract VIP names to events such as the Monte-Carlo Gala for the Ocean, Boat International’s yearly party and Fraser Yachts’ annual black-tie Captains’ Dinner. 

“We’ve been coming to the show since 2013, when we were lucky enough to be invited to a party on board Lurssen’s Quattroelle,” Douglas says.  “We relaxed under the stars on a warm Monaco night in Port Hercules while the musicians strummed and sang classic tunes. Heesen’s Galactica Star stole the limelight the following year. A new yacht becomes the star of the show each year; we’re excited to find out which yacht it will be this year.”

Tankoa Yachts will present M/Y Bintador at Monaco Yacht Show 2019 

Remie Kalloe, Founder of believes that the impact of having the best superyachts and leading yachting companies present at Monaco is valuable to’s business model. “Every show strives to have industry leaders present as well as yachts to showcase the quality and workmanship provided.  So much is now determined by how one presents themselves.”  He continues, “If the company has integrity, reliability, stands by their work and has employees who are genuine with clients, they will be one of the top companies in the industry for years, if not generations.  The same applies to yachts – it begins with the management to Captain to crew.”

Having worked in the Caribbean with many yachts, the show gives Remie the chance to see clients with whom he has worked with in the past.  “Furthermore, I have the opportunity to meet with yachts, Captains and management companies to promote Amsterdam as a destination and the start of the Northern European Route.  Monaco Yacht Show is a great place to share opinions, meet yacht agents and set up partnerships.” 

The World Of Superyachts

The heat of the Mediterranean summer is now behind us, but that doesn’t stop Monaco Yacht Show becoming a pinnacle to prosperity, heritage and success.  Remie adds that the superyacht sector should be building its reputation to provide unforgettable moments for clients. “ plays a part in the solution because we are willing to go the extra mile.  We aim to build trust between ourselves and Captains, crew and owners’ representatives by demonstrating punctuality, accountability and transparency in all dealings. People are actively researching for those who have stellar reputations through other yachts!”

  M/Y Dragon is the new flagship of Columbus Yachts, a Palumbo Superyachts brand 

Every boat show should harness a connection between client and commercial interests by insisting on diverse exhibitors that contribute to discoveries in the marine industry.  Miles Guy Cantley, Creative Director of Viveur ‘Artisans of Ambience’ is optimistic about the source of momentum that the show reflects.  “This year, we have a demonstration of our powerful fragrancing technology at Monaco Yacht Show in partnerships with YachtCloud, Creston and Oceanco.  During the week, we welcome guests to visit us at Stand DS10 in the Darse Sud exterior area to experience the unique power of the Omniyon entertainment platform combined with lighting and fragrancing, creating a full ambience concept.”

Miles continues, “Being able to present our skills and technologies properly to our prospects and clients is unprecedented.  My tip for first-time exhibitors’ is don’t plan too carefully – the show is so manic that all plans go out of the window. Just enjoy the atmosphere and talk to as many people as you can.”

Based in New York, Federico Checo, CEO of Perfect Wellness Group Inc agrees that the show promotes exchanges between an impressive array of business personalities.  “The expansion of our company is a new milestone for us. Our name now describes exactly the experience that we are offering. Thanks to the new ownership we have now been able to open a new office in the heart of New York City, hired new people in our customer service department and enhanced the operational workflow. All these changes are increasing the value we give – better customer support, better project management and improved consulting services within the superyacht sector.”

In Federico’s opinion, participation at Monaco Yacht Show is a chance to talk with leaders of the industry and customers, which helps them improve their offering and gives rise to new ideas for the future.  He explains, “When you are able to buy a superyacht with special features as a full spa on board, you’re looking for the best user experience, technology and functionality. For that reason, the leading yachting companies are contacting us for consultancy for the wellness area of the yacht in order to provide the best solution for their customers. This will help both of us, yacht manufacturer and the supply chain, because it helps to avoid mistakes, delays and customer dissatisfaction. MYS helped us change our business model as we are meeting yacht builders and owners together at the same time when they are still talking about possibilities with new construction. Here, we can discuss in advance the amount of space to dedicate to that important area.”

Perfect Wellness Group Inc are specialists for wellness areas on superyachts 

For a small nation, Monaco has made major efforts to present innovative companies to a wider luxury community and Monaco Yacht Show is part of something bigger to promote yachting internationally.

Monaco Yacht Show

25 to 28 September 2019

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