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Message from the CEO

Magazine and Membership

Dear Visitors, Subscribers, Members, and Patrons,

Billionaire Chronicle is an INSIDER’S PERSPECTIVE OF OPULENCE, SUCCESS AND LEADERS, the essence of high net worth individuals (HNWIs), their human angle, their impact on the future, the past, and most importantly the lessons learned.

Billionaire Chronicle is growing thanks to our loyal readership. In a world of free mass content and diminishing magazine readership, The Billionaire Chronicle is experiencing exponential growth and has become the magazine of choice among the top 5% of wealthiest and wealth managers worldwide.

A common trait among the wealthy and elite is that they like to read printed books rather than eBooks. Regularly with over 200 pages of content, the Billionaire Chronicle stands out as a hybrid between a book and a magazine one can proudly adorn a coffee table or office for their guests.

As the insider’s platform of the wealthy, Billionaires and and those who aspire to be a billionaire alike, we extend a broad range of current topics, knowledge, understanding of social science, disruptive and controversial topics as well as details of summits, events and a window to the lives of catalysts, influencers, and lessons learned.

As well as offering an outstanding magazine, the Billionaire Chronicle has created a strong social platform that focuses on creating opportunities and increased business flow.

Belonging to the growing Billionaire Chronicle Mastermind gives an opportunity to our members to become part of an elite and select community that strengthens business networks with interconnected contacts, and develops life-long relationships. This is the first stepping stone for getting ready for the life of a billionaire.

The Billionaire Chronicle has also become a venue for informative targeted marketing for premier and exclusive brands globally.

We truly look forward to welcoming all new members and subscribers and most delighted to keep sharing amazing content with all our existing ones.

Most sincerely,

Mariett Ramm
Founder and CEO of Billionaire Chronicle

mariett Ramm CEO of billionaire chronicle



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