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Exclusive Interview with H.E. Baron Jerry Pradier Of Toula

By Mariett Ramm

Having an executive coach to help your professional career move forward makes perfect sense in today’s marketplace. Having someone who will push you and hold you accountable can make you strive for success and reach for more.

The world of executive coaching is taking on a new shape. There may be more automation or a stronger focus on mental status or the psychology aspect of your career. As the executive coaching industry continues to grow, so does the number of ways in which this niche is going to change in the not-so-distant future.

The need and desire for coaching have expanded tremendously. A master coach is most skillful at training the mental muscles of C-suite executives through pivotal decision-making processes while managing stress. Now that is huge progress. Who wouldn’t want less stress and more productivity in their lives.

According to Jim Vaselopulos, “It might take the full 10 years, but coaching will begin to rise in popularity over consulting. Aging demographics will demand a vast transfer of institutional, industry and professional wisdom. Consulting augments gaps in knowledge, but coaching emphasizes the transfer of wisdom. Smart young leaders will seek to learn, as talent becomes harder to “rent”.

Executive coaching is one of those areas where frequently, only those met with challenges have embraced its value. In the next five to 10 years we will see coaching become a necessary focus among executives respecting the ROI and wishing to propel themselves further faster.

Some of the main concerns of executives using master coaching are productivity and time management, and the “how-to” progress in life and business when feeling unmotivated, dissatisfied, overwhelmed or unproductive.

Depending on a client’s goal, coaching offers a solid strategy for uncovering one’s own truth. It is a form of self-discovery.  Coaching is the building of capacity helping the leader or the team inspire confidence and lead effectively. Coaching helps to explore possibilities that an individual might not see himself. Coaching builds colossal potential.

The reason why coaching is so powerful because coaches do not diagnose problems; rather, they partner with clients to determine the biggest questions by exploring thought-provoking processes. A coach wants the client to explore, create, experience, and to arrive at their own answers, based on what he or she believes will work best. Coaches are trained to empower the client to make their own decisions, as the client is the expert in his or her field.

Once a solid system is created in business and personal life, that will lead to long-lasting success.

H.E. Baron Jerry Pradier Of Toula is A member of Board of Directors of Chamber of Inter Commerce at Royal Academy of the United Nations (CICRAUN), and a Certified Master Business Coach who has adopted many key trends in his practice to helping his clients think through vast ranges of complex issues. His Excellency is also a Master Executive Coach, Master NLP Coach, a Master Life Coach, Speaker, and Author of the book Financial Success: Ten Shortcuts to a Profitable Business.

Baron Pradier has the remarkable ability to analyze, evaluate and solve virtually any business problem. He has managed businesses for more than 28 years, from private independent companies to large US Government organizations.

He has founded and managed not-for-profit and “for-profit” businesses in a variety of industries. This vast experience has helped him distill the common problems that all businesses experience into common categories that can be solved using simple principles that most business owners and managers tend to overlook. He is also a course developer and specializes in marketing and instructor and counselor training.

Additionally, Baron Jerry is the President of Progressive Business Investment Network, LLC, as a real estate investor with holdings across the country. He is also the President of the Problem Solution Center, LLC, through which he provides mediation services across Colorado.

His Excellency, Baron Jerry is a renowned business trainer and presents workshops and seminars for various non-profit and governmental organizations across western Colorado on a wide range of business topics.

BC What is exactly a Business Optimization Expert?

Baron Pradier I am basically a business coach. I’m not a consultant. I work with businesses over the long term to help owners, managers, and supervisors to solve their most pressing problems in operations and support. Whether it is involving finances, personnel, funding, administration, training, supply management, time management and a whole host of issues that cause a business to falter they can call on me to help them solve their problems. But most importantly, I teach them, along the way, to solve these problems themselves.

BC What is the source of your extensive knowledge about the running of businesses?

Baron Pradier Over the years I’ve owned several businesses of all types and have worked as a C-level executive of other businesses. I have also served in the Air Force for many years as an officer. During these years I’ve served in a variety of managerial and supervisory roles. Many business owners do not have the resources to have a board, therefore it’s beneficial to have someone with these skills to turn to for answers. Plus unlike with a board, I leave the ownership of the company to the owners.

BC You use professional hypnosis and NLP in your coaching approach. How do you use these skills in business coaching and what sparked your interest in hypnosis and took you down this path initially?

Baron Pradier As I progressed in my career as a business coach, I began using my skills in executive coaching and life coaching, two skills that I picked up and have used along the way. That’s when I realized that many of the problems that managers and supervisors were experiencing with their employees and even within themselves had to do with internal problems that affected the running of their businesses. So, since I had been using self-hypnosis and the strategies for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with remarkable results, I decided to incorporate these into my practice. So far, I am the only business coach to incorporate these into a unified coaching practice.

BC What’s been the greatest and most reassuring discovery you’ve made about the power of hypnosis in a business environment regarding strategic coaching?

Baron Pradier I’ve discovered that one can deal more effectively with clients in the work environment using these to solve many strictly business issues.

BC Do you use both of these, hypnosis and NLP on your clients at the same time?

Baron Pradier That’s a good question. No, I don’t. It depends on the motivation of the client to determine which one I use. If a client is self-motivated and wants to change, I’ll use NLP on them. If a client is not so motivated, can’t take action themselves or does not know the reason for their particular issue, I’ll use hypnosis. One can get the same results from both.

BC What would you say are the most common misconceptions about hypnotherapy in the business field?

Baron Pradier Some people believe the only the weak minded can be actually more susceptible to hypnotism. In fact, those who are hypnotizable tend to be more intelligent and more creative than those who are more resistant. Another misconception is that one must be in a trancelike state to be hypnotized when, in fact, you don’t have to be. It feels like you’re awake and you are in a state in which you’re concentrating very hard.

BC What sparked your interest to start writing a book, and do you have any more in the pipeline?

Baron Pradier My book, Financial Success: Ten Shortcuts to a Profitable Business grew out of a class teaching students the skills of running a business. It was a companion to the class that focused primarily on business planning. I’ve been working on another book on more practical steps to running a business.


H.E. Baron Jerry Pradier of Toula (Lt. Col. USAF-Ret.)
Author of the book, Financial Success: Ten Shortcuts To A Profitable Business
Business Optimization Expert, Master Mentor, & Executive Coach
Internationally and Nationally Accredited
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
Executive Attache, USA, and Latin America, Chamber of Inter Commerce, Royal Academy of the UN
Examiner, since 2010, Baldrige National Quality Program
President, Progressive Business Development Network, LLC
http://www.OnlineBusinessKnowledge.com (Subscribe Free)
http://www.youtube.com/user/JerryTheFixer (Subscribe Free)


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