A digital currency based 1:1 on physical gold and silver, set to change the way the world transacts.  

Dubai, Monaco, London, South America, Australia.

Kinesis CEO Thomas Coughlin presenting in Dubai

This is the first time that allocated gold ownership has delivered a non-debt-based yield, and Kinesis have a lot of interest from the $15trillion gold trading industry. Kinesis has developedproprietary fork of the Stellar blockchain resulting in extremely fast transaction speeds and scalable global use.

Kinesis – ITO | The evolution of the gold standard


This initiative was founded by ABX, a leading online exchange platform for physical bullion, with deep expertise in the gold industry. ABX is integrated with Deutsche Borse’s clearing house and already has extensive infrastructure and fully operational exchange technology for trade and storage of physical bullion in 7 locations around the world.  

Kinesis introduces yield-bearing digital currencies based 1:1 on allocated physical gold (KAU currency) and silver (KAG currency). The vision for Kinesis is to deliver an evolutionary step beyond any monetary and banking system available today.

The Kinesis currencies offer a unique yield system to encourage adoption and stimulate use. Kinesis is a reliable currency based directly on two of the most stable commodities on earth. When you buy the currencies, Kinesis, you instantly purchase real gold or silver, which is secured in vaults around the world, free of charge.

This comprehensive monetary system encompasses (1) the Kinesis currencies, which can be sent and received via the Kinesis eWallet, (2) the Kinesis Blockchain Exchange, providing liquidity for the Kinesis currencies and other cryptocurrencies and (3) the Kinesis debit card, allowing for instant conversion of KAU and KAG into fiat currency anywhere in the world where Visa/Mastercard is accepted.  When KAU and KAG are transferred between holders, the network collects a 0.45% fee that is then accumulated and distributed monthly, in varying proportions, to participants in the Kinesis Monetary System as a ‘yield’.

The ownership of the gold is then digitised using blockchain technology.  You can hold or transfer your currency from the Kinesis digital wallet, spend the currencies easily using a debit card anywhere Visa/Mastercard is accepted, or trade them on them on the Kinesis Blockchain Exchange. Your holdings can even be transferred back to physical gold or silver.

The Kinesis Blockchain Exchange (KBE) is the exchange platform allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies against Kinesis currencies, creating easy exchange for cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin (BTC) to Kinesis Gold (KAU) or Kinesis Velocity Tokens (KVT) to Ethereum, the KBE eliminates the need for third party exchanges. This is not the first time we have built an exchange; through ABX we have developed MetalDesk, an allocated precious metals exchange used across the world by many of the largest physical precious metal trading houses., Kinesis leverages this experience and infrastructure to provide a world class service.

FLAIA Miami Event - CCO Ryan Case on the panel
FLAIA Miami Event – CCO Ryan Case on the panel

How is an Initial Token Offering (ITO) different from an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is a utility token and isn’t an asset-based currency. This is what is currently in public sale in the Initial Token Offering (ITO) that is running until March 18th 2019.

KVTs reward participants proportionately to the growth of Kinesis Monetary System, meaning early adopters can stake a claim to an entire monetary system. KVTs are limited to 300,000 only, without a chance of future dilution.

Holders of the KVT tokens will receive a passive 20% proportional return on the transaction fees accumulated from the Kinesis Monetary System. This creates an additional, passive form of potential return for token holders on top of the value of the token itself.

Our target markets:

  1. Precious metal market: Precious metals and many other physical assets have no yield attached to them – they instead typically cost money to hold securely. Precious metals stored in vaults have no liquidity – they cannot be used as they currencies they once were. Kinesis gives yield to these precious metals, incentivising their use and velocity by attaching multiple types of yield for varying degrees of passive or active participation. The Kinesis debit card allows for instant conversion of KAU and KAG into fiat currency anywhere in the world where Visa / Mastercard is accepted, even allowing Kinesis currency holders to withdraw funds at an ATM.
  2. Cryptocurrency market: Cryptocurrencies suffer from severe price volatility, limiting their utility as a currency. Slow speed of transactions and high, fixed processing fees limit the everyday use of existing cryptocurrencies. There is also big use case for those invested in existing alternative ‘stable coins’, too. The high transaction speed, percentage-based fee model, physical asset stability and yield associated with KAU and KAG are incentives for crypto traders and holders to replace questionably-backed and non-yield-bearing stable coins with the Kinesis currencies.
  3. Fiat currency: With global low to negative interest rates, bail-in provisions, depositors’ insurance being removed, and with banks holding legal title to their customer deposits, it makes no sense to choose risk and nil-to-negative return over the alternative Kinesis system with negligible risk and high potential for return.
  4. Investment assets: high valuations and comparatively low yields for stock market and property investment make the Kinesis currencies an attractive alternative investment with a passive yield attached.

Conferences/events attended by Kinesis

London MJAC Blockchain

CCO Ryan Case at MJAC Blockchain Summit in London
CCO Ryan Case at MJAC Blockchain Summit in London

13th June 2018

Held earlier this year which featured Chief Commercial Officer, Ryan Case who gave a spectacular presentation on the Kinesis Monetary System which was very well received.

27th – 28th June 2018

This Blockchain Expo explores the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology, including: manufacturing, retail, financial services, legal, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate and more.


31st July 2018

This is the ultimate event for high net worth and professional investors. Showcasing up to 15 of the leading advanced technology offerings. Provides attendees with the unique opportunity to be introduced to thought leaders from the tech space, access to keynotes from high-profile local and international Investors, panel discussions and up to 30 of the latest Crypto and fintech companies.

South America
18th October 2018

The Florida Alternative Investment Association (FLAIA)

FLAIA is a not-for-profit organization created to establish Florida as an internationally leading centre for Alternative Investment management.

Their mission spans a broad-range of areas including Community Building, Education, Branding, Capital Attraction, Business Attraction, and Policy Optimization.

Chief Commercial Officer of Kinesis, Ryan Case, spoke on the panel for the Disruption of Cross-Border Payments between the U.S. and Latin America in regard to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency development across region.


Kinesis team at World Blockchain Summit in Dubai
Kinesis team at World Blockchain Summit in Dubai

Satoshi United
22-23 October 2018

Satoshi United provides investors, thought leaders, solution providers and the general blockchain community a platform to benefit from the creative global innovations fostered by blockchain.

World Blockchain Summit Dubai
24 – 25 October 2018

World Blockchain Summit is a global series of elite gatherings that take place in 15+ destinations across the world.

It connects global blockchain gurus and technology players in this space including emerging start-ups – with regional businesses, government authorities, IT leaders, tech entrepreneurs, investors and blockchain developers.

The summit features enterprise use-cases, government use-cases, inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, tech-talks, blockchain exhibition, start-up pitch competitions, and a host of networking opportunities.

Ian Balina Crypto World Tour

Kinesis in Dubai at Ian Balina crypto world tour
Kinesis in Dubai at Ian Balina crypto world tour

27 October 2018

Ian Balina is an influential Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investor, Advisor, and Evangelist. Ian is a founder and General Partner at 100X Advisors and currently advises MetaHash, Phantasma Protocol, Nucleus Vision, and Pareto Networks. In addition to being the first Global Titan Ambassador for KuCoin Cryptocurrency exchange.

He has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, Huffington Post, The Street, INC and Entrepreneur Magazine for his work in analytics, cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurship.

 Ian has brought a data-driven, “money-ball” approach to investing in cryptocurrency token sales (ICOs), called “Token Metrics”.


Monaco International Blockchain summit is born from a desire to connect in a privileged setting key player of local and international blockchain ecosystem, as well as to showcase multiple projects and initiatives related to Blockchain technologies, ICO and DLT.

The M.I.B event hosted a pitch competition and facilitates industry connections. There was a prize win, which of a 100.000,00 Euro investment, thanks to Almora and Evan Luthra.

Kinesis walked away as victors as a result of a fantastically delivered pitch from Kinesis CEO, Thomas Coughlin, who presented the Kinesis Monetary System to an audience of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, which was very well received.

In fact, the panel was so impressed with what the Kinesis project had to offer, Evan Luthra has agreed to sit on the Kinesis board of advisors, as he strongly believes in the cause and would like to participate in, and add value to the overall success of the system.




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