The Global Family Office Investment Summit. A Profound Analysis of the Success. Anthony Ritossa and The Ritossa Family Office.

In general, it is essential to get people to come together to learn and share. Working collaboratively provides us with the tools necessary for success so that our company is always moving forward.

Summits are also are an excellent opportunity to see how far the company or family office has come, learn what others are working on and identify where we need to focus our attention more directly.

Family office investment summits and conferences have become increasingly common. Fact. These events use adjectives such as unique, game-changing, blending strength of executives and new approaches as an attempt to differentiate their products, services, and identities from their competitors. Also, of course, while organisers want to attract more delegates to attend THEIR event in more significant numbers, they also have to focus on their single vision.

As an editor and someone who loves networking, I find that attending a good family office investment summit always gives me a feeling of satisfaction that I am in the right profession. A great summit also offers me personally new challenges, new insights, new formats. It is the perfect experience for the more “seasoned,” and it also welcomes and encourages the less experienced.

After eight conferences, The Global Family Office Summit is just simply an outstanding amplification of a worthwhile and forward-looking adventure.

So what is the explanation of the growing success behind the Global Family Office Summit organised by Anthony Ritossa, CEO of Ritossa Family Office?

Prime factors of Geo-economics and Strategy and Anatomy, The Global Family Office Summit

Geo-economics and Strategy of the Global Family Office Summit

The Ritossa Family office, a family business dating back 600 years to the time of the Venetian Empire in Europe with deep roots into the Middle East, is based in Dubai and represents Global Family Offices.

The Global Family Office Summit recognised the global interplay of economics and geopolitics, in the context of redistribution of economic power from West to East.

Trade connections are involved and if parties agree to exchange this means that they both stand to benefit out of this. The Gulf states unite trade, investments, aid, remittances and defence procurement for statecraft in an exceptional way.


Global Family Office Report 2018 stated that family offices’ average total investment portfolio return hit a significant rise. Family offices shifting farther in to private and public equities drove this performance.


The Ritossa Family is the first visionary in the family office space to have understood for the last five years that families’ number one reported governance priority is to ensure good communication between the family and their family office executives. This partly aids with mitigating relevant risks such as identity theft and loss of the family’s reputation.


One strong message of the summit conveys the “Purpose-driven wealth.”

The future of how wealth is managed is becoming increasingly intertwined with purpose. Nearly two-thirds of next generation heirs, who are intertwined with a mission, are expected to take over within the next 10-15 years. Family offices have started to put money into impact investments and hope that the next generation increases their allocations to impact or environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.

Anatomy of The Global Family Office Summit


The Global Family Office Summit has a drive that goes beyond those visible elements and separates them from their competitors. The summit, the most exclusive gathering of Family Wealth, has transformed wealth creation, and delegates feel more connected to the summit because they want to be part of this revolutionary process.

The summit is more than a simple meeting. By pulling together ideas and collaborating on large-scale, companies and family offices can collectively decide on new initiatives and directions. There is a considerable need to discuss large scale goals and possible changes which establishes a vision for change.

The real unique point of this event is that rather than merely given answers to current questions, many complex new questions are generated over many keynote panel sessions on healthcare, biotech, AI, market volatility which need to be solved.

Breakout sessions give new initiatives and generate new ideas. This is innovation.


The Global Family Office Investment Summit is an established brand. It has been recognised by The Economist, The Billionaire Chronicle, and CEO Magazine.

All constituent parts of the summit, either visible or invisible, tangible or intangible, have been consistent from day one. I think now all family offices think of only one summit when they see the picture of the alley at The Four Seasons Beach Resort Dubai. Ritossa Family Office Global Summit.

From a marketing perspective, brand consistency of an event is difficult to measure. Businesses need to differentiate themselves, not just from the product they feature, but in the plan of this product within their client support, and the portrayal of their brand.

Why I think that the summit has achieved this, is the growing number of attending delegates who identify with the summit and its purpose. Many are already thinking about attending the next event on the last day of the one they are just attending. This is called trust and loyalty. Moreover, these delegates don’t hesitate to further recommend the summit to others because of the value they receive.


The primary goal of every business event or networking reception is to generate leads and potential customers. Now, there can be many hours wasted at trade shows, conferences, and networking events with an exchange of pleasantries and nothing proceeds further. True. One should try to maximise business discussions to ensure one gets noticed and identifies potential partners.

I don’t want to give a lecture on how to network, but there are certain points that I always keep in mind when attending an event. Also, this may be helpful to you as the reader:
• determine if the person you are talking to is at the event for the right reasons
• Many conversations that start well over drinks don’t end well because of lack of follow-up
• Important: Being direct and asking point blank how a possible co-strategy may work

Having said all this, my personal experience about the Global Family Office Summit , and I have attended it a few times now, is that my time is never wasted.

The summit brings in top leaders and innovators in one room. Read here for more info on advisory board and delegates


Delegates are the people who live and breathe The Global Family Office Summit before, during, and after the event. Delegates who attend understand the real values, and messages, and they trust what they get. Moreover, more importantly, their trust is not betrayed. They are empowered, they are informed, they receive resources, they co-create, they communicate. This is the biggest strength of the event. Delegates interact.

Delegates are also valued and recognised for their participation, which is inspiring to them and the audience. These are essential factors when it comes to establishing long-standing relationships.


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