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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the target market of The Billionaire Chronicle?

The Billionaire Chronicle serves the Ultra High Net Worth Individuals as well as those who aspire and are on a trajectory to become a High Net Worth individual. Portfolio Managers and Family Office Managers, those who manage the assets of those who have a high net worth, all keep up with the old money and the new through the Billionaire Chronicle. The content is specifically catered to what’s current and relevant to the high net worth market, their families, investments, and hobbies.

How much net worth does it take to become part of the top 10% of the wealthiest in the world?

Global Private Funding in an article written for The Billionaire Chronicle quoted the Global Wealth Report of Credit Suisse Research Institute that it only takes $93,170 U.S. Dollars as of the report in 2018. They further added that it only takes $871,320 U.S. Dollars to be among the top 1% of wealth in the world. This needs to be viewed in contrast against the findings that it only takes $4,210 U.S. Dollars to be among the top 50% of wealth in the world. “In other words, less than half of the world population has a net worth of over $4,210” said Sam Senev in an interview.

Is the Billionaire market growing?

“Becoming the elite 1% of wealthiest in the world” an article on The Billionaire Chronicle also spoke about the growth of billionaires worldwide. It referred to research that by 2027, China will have the greatest growth of Billionaires at 697 with an increase of 448, followed by India with only about half of that of China, 357 with an increase of 238, compared to the total number of billionaires projected at 884 for the United States continuing their global financial dominance. The current number of billionaires worldwide stands at 2,252 and by the year 2027 its projected to be 3444, an increase of 1,192. The article asks the question, “will you be the next billionaire?’’

What is the readership and where is the publication distributed?

The Billionaire Chronicle has become the magazine of choice among the top 5% of wealthiest and wealth managers worldwide, now with over 270k readership encouraging and empowering many more who aspire to be a billionaire. Our magazine is present in 75 plus countries and growing daily. We started as a quarterly printed magazine and now provide a portal for the readers with the print magazine complemented by additional monthly content and an electronic format as well for expanded distribution.

Where can I read the Billionaire Chronicle?

The Billionaire Chronicle print magazine is ultra-exclusive, and as such, the magazine isn’t sold at magazine stands, rather only through exclusive relationships such as on private charter planes, yacht charters, private clubs, private banks, associations, and wealth managers. If you belong to an exclusive organization, there is a high probability that they receive and may distribute The Billionaire Chronicle print magazine or an e-Magazine copy included in your membership.

You may directly subscribe to the magazine or contact us if you feel your organization can benefit from distributing our magazine to your clients. There are many benefits to a relationship with The Billionaire Chronicle including expanding your brand recognition among the High Net Worth Individuals and their wealth managers.

Who reads the Billionaire Chronicle?

The Billionaire Chronicle is one of the most popular choices with the top 5% of the wealthiest. Our readership includes Royal Family Representatives of the Middle East, Sheikhs of the United Arab Emirates, Silicon Valley VC Billionaire Entrepreneurs, European and African Royalty, Investors, Fund Managers, Corporate Executives, Family Office Clubs, Private Bankers, Luxury Lifestyle Professionals.

Is there a printed copy of the Billionaire Chronicle?

The printed copy of the Billionaire Chronicle is a real ‘coffee table’ piece for executive offices, luxury 5 star plus hotels, and selected exclusive venues worldwide. The exquisitely designed and crafted hard copy is a splendid ornamental piece as well as a collectable. To order your hard copy please email to copy@billionairechronicle.com

What topics do you feature?

  • Philanthropy
  • International Events and Forums
  • Billionaire
  • Royalty
  • Voice of The World
  • Finance
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Private Banking and Insurance
  • Wealth Management
  • Fintech
  • Taxes
  • Consumer Tech
  • Education
  • Entrepreneur
  • Investment
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Blockchain
  • Yachting
  • Private Aviation
  • Travel
  • Real Estate
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Women Empowerment
  • Private Travel
  • Augmented Reality
  • Global Brands
  • SME
  • Startups
  • Classic and Collectable Cars
  • Privacy and Security

How do I advertise on The Billionaire Chronicle?

The Billionaire Chronicle offers a very unique advertising opportunity for those seeking the Ultra High Net Worth audience. Please note that this is an audience that demands perfection and often less forgiving as they expect others to be high achievers and perfectionists like themselves.

The advertising content is selected based on presentation and relevance and not just because an advertiser paid for the placement. Advertising on The Billionaire Chronicle print magazine, eMagazine and on the website are all options. We do not sell our subscribership emails or allow others to have access.

We, however, do collaborate with organizations who advertise with us and want the magazine in print or electronic format to be delivered to the advertiser’s lists. The lists may not be unsolicited or a bought list where the readership is diluted. For further details, contact strategy@billionairechronicle.com

How often is the Billionaire Chronicle published and how is it distributed?

The Billionaire Chronicle is a quarterly print magazine, with additional monthly e-Magazines and an annual Special Issue. Current and all previous e-Magazines are available to our subscribers, members, and patrons. To view e-Magazine, please visit Magazine and Membership page. To request a hardcopy, please email to copy@billionairechronicle.com

How do I become a reader?

Visit our Magazine and Membership page where you will see a green icon with the words “Click here to Subscribe.” There are three levels of membership. Social, VIP, and Patron. Both annual and monthly subscriptions are available at each level.

Is there a special rate for students who want to read the Billionaire Chronicle?

Yes, there is. Please visit Magazine and Membership page and follow instructions.

How can I share articles from the Billionaire Chronicle?

You can share the Billionaire Chronicle articles via social media or email. To share, click the icon above the article you wish to share. Gift sharing is not available; however, we do offer a social subscriber option which allows anyone to view all content without restriction.

Can I attend Billionaire events?

The Billionaire Chronicle readers receive invitations to By-Invitation-Only events. For privacy and security reasons, those invited are screened. We have scheduled events in various parts of the world and are affiliated with many others who hold events.

For instance, the prestigious Billionaire Ball is held in Los Angeles, where we host an invitation-only exclusive HNW event. This event is recognised by the world’s most honoured leaders and international iconic brands. The Billionaire Ball offers an opportunity for leaders to network and connects with their peers in the most opulent and private surroundings.

The Billionaire Ball also holds exclusive networking sessions in small groups to encourage intimacy of thought rather than a superficial greeting. The networking sessions are headed by local Ambassadors and managed by the Social Phenomenon Thinktank.

Can the Billionaire Chronicle be the official magazine of my organization?

The Billionaire Chronicle offers special assistance to select VIP/ Elite/ Exclusive organisations/businesses/brands whose target audience include High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and the Elite, and who actively seek not only creative format with long life span and superior editorial content but also a high level of audience receptivity.  For further information please email to official@billionairechronicle.com

Can I write for The Billionaire Chronicle?

The Billionaire Chronicle actively seeks industry experts and those with relevant experience to be published on The Billionaire Chronicle print magazine as well as the ongoing online content. NOTE! The content must be exclusively written for The Billionaire Chronicle and must be original content. The content may not be republished any other means in part or whole without the approval of The Billionaire Chronicle. You may submit your article proposal to editorial@billionairechronicle.com 

I would like to get involved with Billionaire Chronicle, but I am not a writer. How can I contribute?

The Billionaire Chronicle welcomes all topics related to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and our editorial team is happy to do further research. If you have an idea, drop us a line. If you want to participate in some other way, drop us a line. “The key to success isn’t having ideas that always work, rather than you keep forging forward past each failure, hurdle and deaf ear.” Sam Senev. Please email to articleidea@billionairechronicle.com

Are there opportunities for an editorial about my business?

The Billionaire Chronicle editorial team welcomes innovative and inspiring stories– be they successful journeys of pioneer startups overcoming adversities or extraordinary individuals who have become positive, uplifting influences on future generations. To find out more about how your business can be featured in the Billionaire Chronicle, please email to info@billionairechronicle.com

Who can I contact if I have questions related to online reading?

If you have any question relating to login or password changes, or you experience online difficulties, the Billionaire Chronicle IT team is always there to help you. Please email to ithelp@billionairechronicle.com

Who should I contact if I have a general enquiry?

For all enquiries, contact The Billionaire Chronicle:


You can also visit our LinkedIn page or Instagram account to view our newsfeed or register for news updates.


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