Famous billionaires love their pets. And there are various advantages to owning a dog or a cat; they assist you to exercise more, feel happier and boost your social life. This is not specifically a tightly hidden secret; around seventy-eight million households in America have a pet dog per Statista, and 63.2% of householder owner think about them a member of their family. And famous billionaires are no different.

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On #Loveyourperday, we must acknowledge that dogs are fantastic companions for folks in leadership roles — an excellent method for a chief executive officer to relax after they get home. No marvel that such a significant amount of high net worth individuals have at least one pet at home. READ BELOW

Mark Zuckerberg

Famous billioanire

The Fabous Billionaire Facebook co-founder and his wife, Priscilla Chan, rehomed the puli Hungarian sheepdog Beast in 2010. Beast boasts distinctive locks that make him look like a walking mop–one that earned more than two million likes on Facebook.

Miranda Kerr’s dog Teddy became part of the family when Spiegel married the model. The Snapchat co-founder even posed with him on the cover of Bazaar and Uomo Vogue.

Kevin Systrom

With a photo-worthy face like that, it only makes sense that Dolly’s owner is the co-founder of Instagram. Adopted in 2013, Dolly now boasts more than 19,000 followers on the social media platform.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick , famous billionaire CEO od UBER, campaigned for his dog, Yobu, to be the ” in 2016. Yobu is a “dogocrat” with a dogmatic approach to politics, said the the pun-loving Kalanick.

Elon Musk

Famous billioanire introduced Marvin on Instagram in 2016. But theTesla founder has another pet: His firm the Boring Company has a snail named Gary, who raced its tunnel boring machine in May.

Bill Gates

In a 2015 Reddit AMA,Gates revealed he had two dogs, Oreo and Nilla. The Microsoft founder said he spends more time with his kids than his dogs, though he “really likes them.”

Mike Krieger

Bernese mountain dog,  Juno has her own Instagram crew of more than 7,000 followers simply by being the beloved pet of famous billionaire and Instagram co-founder.

Jon Oringer

The Shutterstockfounder and CEO created stock photo archive with his own photos. Among them were pictures of his cat Pixel. Now Oringer posts photos of his new Abyssinian cat Satoshi to Instagram.

Daymond John

The Shark Tank judge, who also sits on the board of Petco, owns two dachshunds named Blake and Spartan. He also looks after guinea hens and more than one million bees in upstate New York.

Oprah Winfrey

The media mogul billionaireonce had more than 11 dogs at one time. Now she has five to keep her company. Luke, Layla, Sunny, Lauren, and Sadie bring her flowers for her birthday every year.


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