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Education, Encouragement, Empowerment of WOMEN IN THE UAE. Women Continue To Play A Leading Role In The Development Of The UAE. Exclusive Interview with Lucy Chow, Director of Women’s Angel Investor Network By Radha Chhabra
Women. It’s Time to Own your Family Finances. By Tiffany Harnsongkram When discussing my finances, I always feel underqualified. Perhaps it’s because I am a creative soul and the green excel sheets put me to sleep. Maybe it’s because my divorce showed me how laisser faire I had been about our...
World Humanitarian Day 2018 World Humanitarian Day (WHD) takes place every year on 19 August. The day was designated by the UN General Assembly to commemorate the 19 August 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq. This year’s WHD marks the fifteenth anniversary of the tragic attack...
A few years ago, the European Union, understood the importance of digitisation within the economic structure, that’s why the strategy for the Digital Single Market began. BY Azahara Benito Carrillo This long-term plan has already had several successes that have had a direct and positive impact on businesses and citizens, although there is still...

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