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Friday, April 12, 2024
Susan Athey: Why business leaders shouldn't have blind faith in AI Telling cats from dogs is easy. It's the what-ifs that get problematic BY IAN CHIPMAN In the nexus of business and technology, there’s no hotter topic than the transformative potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence, says Susan Athey, the Economics of...
Behavioural Risks in Successions and the ‘Lucky Warrior’ By Dominik Von Eynern ‘Every Kingdom has a lucky warrior’ said Prince Michel of Yugoslavia in a panel discussion at the 6th Global Family Office Summit, hosted by the Ritossa Family in June 2018. I like this expression very much because it implies that...
We truly hate saying NO to great ideas but we seem to spend 95% of our time saying it..... By The Hons Richard Evans I'm afraid it is a reality that we turn down most investment deals that come our way, why is that? From UK Property Development and Asset deals...
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