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Saturday, February 24, 2024
By Mohamed Chawki NACER Over the past decade, African governments have intensified efforts to foster greater regional economic integration by linking together the continent's largest economies with relatively smaller, landlocked, and fragmented markets and reducing barriers to trading amongst each other.
We truly hate saying NO to great ideas but we seem to spend 95% of our time saying it..... By The Hons Richard Evans I'm afraid it is a reality that we turn down most investment deals that come our way, why is that? From UK Property Development and Asset deals...
Multilateral Development Banks Must mobilize private finance to achieve the SDGs Mahmoud Mohieldin, Nritya Subramaniam, Jos Verbeek.   Editor's Note:  This blog is adapted from ‘Crowding-In Private Finance: What Multilateral Banks Can Do Differently,’ the author’s chapter in a new Brookings Press book, "From Summits to Solutions: Innovations in Implementing the Sustainable Development...
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