Best Asset Manager of The Year Award 2018

Mediatrix Capital CEO Michael S. Young

BY Mariett Ramm and Charlotte Luer

MONTE CARLO, MONACO. The Monaco Single and Multi-Family International Association presented the prestigious Best Family Office Asset Manager award to Mediatrix Capital under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco at the 6th Global Family Office Investment Summit hosted by Anthony Ritossa of Ritossa Family Office June 27-29.

“Receiving the award was an exceptional honour. I am extremely grateful, and it came as a nice surprise,” said Michael S. Young, CEO of Mediatrix Capital.



“Over five and a half years of building our first generation algo system took lots of work, commitment and financing before going live. After nearly five years of working tirelessly on behalf of our clients, receiving this outstanding award during one of the most prestigious international global family office summits is truly meaningful,” said Mr. Young.

Mediatrix Capital, which was co-launched by Mr. Young in 2013, started off trading its capital and shortly began trading client funds which has now become an exceptional 57 months of continued success. The fundamental focus of Mediatrix Capital is advanced algorithmic technology providing the backbone to current foreign exchange trading, specifically the ability to concurrently trade 30 currency pairs across short, medium and long-term time objectives.


As we have learned in speaking with Mediatrix Capital, it has become clear that the company’s success in large part is because the multi-year proven strategy has no initial bias to market direction.  Mediatrix Capital uses a comprehensive structure of proprietary algorithms that use current market momentum and a mix of various high probability technical analysis indications for entry and exits into the forex markets. This financial system is one of the most innovative algorithms on the market today and placed Mediatrix Capital in prime position to receive Best Asset Manager of The Year Award 2018 award at the 6th Global Family Office Summit in Monaco. Mediatrix Capital has a unique system utilizing algorithms created for high defensive techniques and capital preservation strategies. “It is always about not losing money. If this strategy is your first fundamental strategy, and you then layer in exceptional mathematics and rules-based strategies, you will make money. For us, it is always about the client first, and for them, capital preservation is priority one,” said Mr. Young.


Mr. Young underlies the ultimate importance of risk mitigation. Mediatrix Capital’s strategy consistently manages the downside risk parameters to the portfolio while simultaneously allowing performing positions to earn a larger Value at Risk (VAR) potentially. Using Implied ATM Volatility readings, the team can get a generalized view of the banks. The trading strategy utilizes a systematic procedure with rule-based trading and technical analysis with specific market time frame(s) offering opportunities for successful trade entry and exit. The system strategically places trades that are programmed to result in minimal account drawdown while maximizing the potential rate of return on investment.  “Returns are phenomenal, and our clients benefit from a high yield investment,” said Mr. Young.

Mediatrix Capital contracts the accounting firm Grant Thornton to provide factual findings reports, confirming all trade activity of the managed account operation as well as auditing the Investment Fund. “All accounts are extensively reviewed and confirmed by our accounting firm so that we can transparently provide a proper track record of our performance. This type of documentation is extraordinarily significant and enables institutional investors and family offices to validate what we do,” said Mr. Young.



The dynamic architecture and algorithm “Dynamic Algo,” by simplified artificial intelligence can modify the calculations to determine the right trade and the right position. This approach allows for predictive adaptation to ever-changing market conditions and consistently provides for exceptional returns while keeping risk and account equity usage at minimum boundaries.

This “Navigator Algo” allows for automated and manual input changes to the math and methodologies utilized while trading. In so doing, the team can adapt to the market as a macro, and micro relational changes between currencies occur in a cycle. “The combination we have developed with Mediatrix Capital takes advantage of sophisticated algorithms working in extreme real time to monitor several different factors in the foreign exchange. “It uses banking calculations, high volatility readings, and various time measurements of the true average range of 30 different currencies,” said Mr. Young.

The management of each trade involves an analysis of current market price action, strategic correlated spot positions, predictive cycle analysis and statistical positioning based on quantitative models, combined with market intelligence and superior risk management. This approach allows for predictive adaptation to ever-changing market conditions and consistently provides for exceptional returns while keeping risk and account equity at minimum boundaries. No matter what the current or forthcoming market conditions present, the firm can adapt and capitalize on market changes.

The Navigator system also has the functionality allowing for the system to be turned on or off at will, adding further protection for when there are significant unknowns in the markets such as a Brexit or other events that could cause severe disruption in the markets. When the team identifies major geopolitical events about to occur, it chooses typically to either turn systems down concerning the trade volume and allowable equity use or hedge open positions and turn the system completely off until the markets normalize at the end of the subject market disrupter.


Epilogue By Michael Young On The Importance Of Giving Back.

“Our philosophy is to expand our business and charitable activities around the world by Identifying opportunities that will impact the people of emerging markets”. “We love what we do. It has been a period of exceptional high growth and yield.  Any time that you have a high growth vehicle in possession, you don’t want to walk away from it, but the truth as well is that there are other things in the world of greater nobility. I also have my personal desires and goals, which are to better the world one person at a time. I want to shift my focus entirely to giving back through impact investing within five years.

Fundamentally, I believe that we can fall into the trap of taking things for granted, but to make a life-changing shift, one must always seek a way to remain grateful in all circumstances, focusing on having a life of gratitude. There’s only just so much that one really needs and can use in life. Leaving a legacy for your children and grandchildren is likely many peoples goal, myself included. But there are also billions of people around the world who are hungry and who need fresh water, electricity, safety, and security. What really matters in life is giving back and being a person who can say in the end: I am happy about the life I lived, truly measured by the love that I have left behind.”

Empower your children by bringing them into your lives, pay attention to them and teach them well.  The world will define for them otherwise what may or may not be aspects of good character and grace.   Teach them compassion for all people, because having an impact mind frame allows us to see what the reality of the world truly is; well beyond smartphones, politics and other distractions.  People are hungry in the real world, people are suffering. We need to move into the direction where our children can be active in the pursuit of good work and leave the world a better place. If we are fortunate and provide a strong economic structure for them, this makes it all the easier for them to achieve these goals.  For me, true fulfillment comes from my family and our togetherness in God.”- Mr.

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