Announcement: Private Investment Forum Worldwide joins The Billionaire Chronicle as Prestigious Media Partner


We are proud to announce that Private Investment Forum Worldwide has joined our exclusive publication The Billionaire Chronicle as Prestigious Media Partner.

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Private Investment Forum Worldwide, one of the most exclusive gathering of world leaders and global investors, takes place four times a year, and it is hosted at the magnificent BURJ AL ARAB in Dubai, UAE, as well as in Europe and Asia. The summit’s growth is exponential and its success is colossal . At the beginning of the 2018, The  III Private Investment Forum saw 200 delegates from 27 countries resulting in a total investment sum of $1.4bn. And only a few months after its accomplishments, The IV Private Investment Forum Worldwide witnessed over 350 one-on-one meetings with a total amount of investment transactions worth of over $2bn.


“It’s wonderful, it’s unique. What I have found, attending the forum here today and last time, that it’s very focused, very precise to the benefit of the attendees. And namely, in putting together investors with projects, looking and discussing very relevant topical issues, which affect
everyone business. Therefore, rather than sitting through numerous presentations on irrelevant topics, with your Forum, we have found, that it’s very tailored, very specific, very mindful of the fact that everyone’s very busy all the time. A really great enabler for people to come into face-to-face meetings, and face-to-face discussions with counterparts. It’s been a wonderful experience, one that has a really tangible effect on people attending. Great respect for all the work, and not only the work that you’ve put in, but also the strategy that you are following, the idea that you’re implementing – unique in itself…”

Mario Al Jebouri BANQUE CANTONALE DE GENÈVE (Dubai) (Switzerland)

Private Investment Forum Worldwide has been a dynamic and innovative investment forum since 2015, and has become a significant benchmark of business reputation.The main goal of the Forum is to create new, stable, positive personal ties between investors. Consequently, all the meetings and discussions that take place during the Forum between participants are being done in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, as among good friends. The meeting is attended only by people, who make key decisions in the field of investments as such, major investors, heads of large holdings, investment bankers, heads of investment funds, companies and Royal Family Offices.

Private Investment Forum Worldwide

“It’s indeed my pleasure to have attended this beautiful forum that you put together. I attend a lot of private investment summits and family office summits. I think, this is one the well curated and well-formatted event, it is very focused and I like the content and the type of audience that we have had. And I appreciate the deals flow, I appreciate the kind of people who have attended. Best part of it is that it is well formatted, it is
not like this – random people, who are at the coffee table exchanging business cards.
But, it is more of intense discussion and conversation, that is very comprehensive of itself. Congratulations to you for putting together wonderful event like this!”

H.E. Mr. Zulfiquar Ghadiyali CEO, Private Office H.H. Sheikh Tahnoon bin Saeed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan (UAE) PIF TV

Private Investment Forum Worldwide launched its own  exclusive investment on-line channel for decision makers in the field of investments and banking, and owners of large businesses. Programs of PIFW TV are precisely focused on the preferences of the target audience with personal interviews, presentations on exclusive projects, broadcasts, and thematic programs.

The channel is aimed at providing up-to-date business information from the first hands. Personal interviews with the most influential and rich businessmen, the exchange of opinions on air, programs on the business insides, presentations of the most promising projects. – all this contains important information required for making strategic investment decisions.


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