Amed Hazel


Amed Hazel Fund Manager for Nonperforming Mortgage Notes, Private Equity and SDIRA   Amed Hazel

Fund Manager for Nonperforming Mortgage Notes, Private Equity and SDIRA

CEO of Premier Capital Investments

Distressed Asset Acquisitions and distributions.


CEO of Note Buying Cash Machine.

Note Buying Cash Machine

Its time to make a change in your investing education.

Note Buying Cash Machine is an online training platform for new and advanced non-performing note buyers. We are bridging the gap between real estate investors and cash flow investors.



Author of Profiting From Non-Performing Mortgage Notes: Being the Banker with Your Interest Secured by Real Estate

Profiting From NonPerforming Mortgage Notes Being the Banker with Your Interest Secured by Real Estate

Profiting From Non-Performing Mortgage Notes is a book that bridges the gap between investor and banker. It’s designed to expose the world of banking as it relates to mortgages, to show the layman, the average investor, and the sophisticated investor that this is totally possible, to become the banker. It is designed to show how the bankers make money off of mortgage debt and how they profit in the event of a default on a mortgage. It also shows one of the main strategies that bankers hate to use but that the layman and investor can use because of flexibility and short times as it relates to decision making.

The common man transitioning into the banker’s mindset has that flexibility of making decisions fast, without the need of a 12, 15, or 30-room boardroom meeting designed to make the decision on a few loans. The layman can make a decision within five minutes, without a business meeting, and implement powerful strategies to get a return on investment. This book, this work, is the culmination of the last 10-plus years of my life being in this mortgage note industry and closing hundreds of mortgage note deals. It will open your eyes and show you that this is possible for you too. You can become the banker.

“When I began investing in real estate I spoke with hundreds of homeowners that were in default. I went door to door hearing the horror stories about how homeowners fell on hard times. Families were going without food just to make their mortgage payments. One of the reasons this meant so much to me is I remembered how my own mother struggled to feed me and my siblings while trying to pay the bills. I vowed that if I ever had the chance to help these home owners I would. I use my current position and connections to assist homeowner get back on track while being able to live and take care of their families.” – Amed Hazel 

Investors of all types, both accredited, and non-accredited investors, will be able to benefit from this work. This is my gift to the world of investing to show that it’s possible to be lucrative in a space that caused such a huge dysfunction in our country, speaking of the 2008 mortgage meltdown. It is our responsibility to put America back on its feet, even if we have to do it one mortgage at a time. We do it purchasing both residential and commercial real estate. We purchase single family homes. We purchase multi-family apartment buildings. And these strategies can be used on both, as well as office complexes, and many other commercial real estate projects.







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