A Skyrocketing Vertical in India

 Is Entertainment a safe bet?

By Abraham Paul Vatakencherry

In our continual journey of constant exploration entertainment, media and technology play a very vital role, like it, all put together makes a deadly concoction which has made rapid strides in augmenting India’s footprints and thereby its exponential growth and its impact on the Global Scenario. Entertainment has become more over significant in the last decade as it played a stellar role as it paved the way for many transnational and multinational organizations make their foray into India than ever before. This progress also gave a clear and vital signal to other countries that India was making rapid strides competing with the leading economies like the US, China, Japan to name a few.

India gradually started to become the cynosure of all eyes in many fields as with the technological advances and with an eclectic mix of the young talent pool and with mainly an internet and data revolution being a catalyst. Its people started getting closer than ever before. Everything became very tangible and revolutionary in concepts for the Indian Diaspora in every nook and corner of the world to ponder over.

The think tanks in various segments started sending signals very much on par and with exponential force. It was a start of a revolution in using technology to overhaul entertainment and media for the better. It is a foray into various segments. Truly technological advancement got the better of the old school of thought and was ruling the roost with absolute authority, which relegated our ardent retrograde philosophy to a new awakening of modernity. This shift is a strategic surge in the right direction by all and sundry.

Many Fortune 500 brands thus made their foray into India because of the welcoming approach of the Current Government towards foreign companies through the “Made in India ” policy to set up shop on Indian Soil and gain their share in the pie.  Indian companies raised their bar in giving well-defined outputs. You could see a lot of technology-driven entertainment companies successfully establishing themselves in India churning a lot of revenue in the bargain. They have openly and substantially increased their market visibility, creating themselves in the right earnest.

Collaborative efforts were other very welcoming signs of the astounding progress, which was very much evident in the entertainment and media. Many companies started entering this arena with a very state of the art, cutting edge technologically driven approach which further emphasized absolute confidence in their robust entrepreneurial journey. Thus, it was an emphatic win over archaic procedures which was visibly a thing of the past. Gone were the days of the showreel and filmmaking especially in Bollywood to quote an example became a segment where people could put their money on and rake profits without much fear and an iota of doubt was an industry on the surge. In short, a safe bet.

The modernity coupled with a repertoire of world-class technics and methodology adopted in filmmaking derived a better element of satisfaction and the redeeming feature than ever before that was evident in its cutting-edge technology and subsequent output which could reach breakeven at a much shorter span of time and witness an outstanding return on investment. Thus, Filmmaking became a very strong time-tested vocation for many to put their hands on both in the capacity.

Social Media also presented itself as a tool for many with scores of people of all age groups wielding smartphones in their hands and India was in the vanguard for many telecom giants to render their service. Players like Reiance Jio from the Indian context and Vodafone from Global context went trigger happy and from strength to strength with first head counts. Another clear indicator of the opportunities which had opened solely because of the technologically driven approach we had adopted. Video streaming had been of late been the need of the hour eclipsing many other mundane methods of broadcasting and shown as the in thing creating an offshoot to blossom into another booming industry.

Television and cable TV channels have mushroomed across the length and breadth of the country which has given a real boost to a very concerted accelerated growth opening opportunities for many players to come into the fray and show their prowess in full force.  Big marketing entities began to spread their tentacles too like Sony pictures, Eros, etc. in marketing the films made also.

The small budget movies break even very fast, thanks to special tools like the number of prints and satellite rights, which could enhance the pace of a more effective and faster break even. We can very confidently aver that film is making as a safe investment and where you can park your funds in contrary to our reasoning which is diametrically the opposite.


Mr Abraham Paul Vatakencherry is the Chief Coordinating Officer at “World Health Forum”, Chief Project Co-ordinator, NEW INDIA SUMMIT 2018, Director of Global Strategic Alliance, Mumbai International Business Cooperation, and Global Markets. He studied for a Postgraduate degree in English Literature and an MBA in Marketing and Personnel management.

Mr Vatakencherry is a top level professional in an executive position for Strategic Alliances with a demonstrated history of working with a wide range of domains ranging from Fitness and Healthcare, Immigration, education, service industry, and Business Consulting in India and globally. He has more than two and a half decades of hands-on experience assisting several Chambers of commerce and companies in India. https://www.linkedin.com/in/abraham-paul-vatakencherry



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