A New and Higher Mountain Peak

As Jim Rohn, the American entrepreneur and author said: “There is never a time to stop in your pursuit of a legacy. There is always time to do more and achieve more, to help more and serve more, to teach more and to learn more. Keeping going and growing that legacy.”

The great business names from history are remembered for their success at commercializing inventions, or for their philanthropy. Their legacies are carried down the decades because their innovative businesses proved to be turning points for the world or because of their lasting charitable foundations. Some of the great business names of today have built large technology businesses and then committed vast sums to philanthropy.

The opportunity to be successful in both fields in tandem has now arrived for a specific type of individuals, as INNOVO harnesses four of the most powerful forces of our time:

    The business drive of ambitious and successful entrepreneurs.

    Accelerating technological disruption, which is affecting every industry.

    The need to make a lasting difference for good.

    Investment in advanced technologies for high commercial returns and substantial social impact.

” Like the internet at its inception, INNOVO is a new business ecosystem which offers an enormous range of commercial, investment and philanthropic opportunities which are leveraged simultaneously.”

INNOVO sets up an Innovation Vehicle (IV), a joint venture, alongside a corporate partner. The IV has an entrepreneurial CEO and a team of corporate entrepreneurs to deploy a flow of advanced technologies and innovations into the corporate for a share of the value added in cost savings or increased sales.

Ambitious and successful entrepreneurs can invest in scale in an industry they know fully and in which they are commercially well-connected; they can invest time and leadership and make a difference for good. They can do so on the wings of disruption, sweeping into their industry with a new business model.

They can invest in multiple IV’s alongside significant corporates in their target industry. Similarly, they have the option to appoint CEOs to run these Innovation Vehicles, each with their team of corporate entrepreneurs.

Investing in and running Innovation Vehicles as CEO is often more attractive than investing in early-stage businesses because:

    It can be frustrating being a minority shareholder in a small start-up without management control.

    It is hard starting at the bottom investing in small early-stage companies, after having sold a large-scale business.

Diverse investment opportunities vary from $100k for a CEO up to $100m+ investing alongside $30+bn corporate partners. Rapid commercial progress is projected as INNOVO’s ability to leverage the multi-$bn scale of a corporate partner is coupled with unique ongoing liquidity, which is very rare for private equity investments.

The eighth annual Impact Investor Survey* reports that two-thirds of the 226 respondents make impact investments only, with the remaining one third making traditional investments. In aggregate, the respondents reported $228.1bn in impact investing assets under management (AUM) across a diverse range of geographies, sectors, asset classes and stages of business.

A majority of respondents stated that their investments had met their expectations for both impact (82%) and financial (76%) performance since inception, while another 15% reported outperformance across both of these dimensions.

“The GIIN Survey conveniently states what I have long believed, that it is possible to combine corporate success with making a difference for good. Distributing a fair share of the value added, to all those who have been involved in its creation, is just the start. We go one stage further by also giving a fair share of all the new value created by INNOVO companies to good causes, channeled through INNOVO For Good.”

The first $1m invested is projected to generate $1.336m for good causes up to the end of Year Three plus a 16x return on investment in the Low Scenario.

Martin Kelly concludes: “We are seeking like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs and large-scale social impact investors to work with us in building an ecosystem based on a fair share of the value created on the wings of technological disruption.”




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